Memorial Day – We Remember

Memorial Day – We Remember

3rd Infantry Places American Flags At The Graves Of U.S. Soldiers
Arlington National Cemetery Washington D.C.

This weekend we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. There are two places that I have personally visited that left a permanent  mark on my life. Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC and Normandy American Cemetery in Normandy, France. These two places are sacred reminders of the great price that was paid for our freedom. Each grave represents a life, a family, a story, and a sacrifice. What should our response be to their sacrifice?

  • Pray everyday for the United States of America giving thanks for those who serve, have served and gave their lives for our country.
  • Remember and honor their sacrifice, not just on Memorial Day, but everyday.
  • Dedicate yourselves to promote and protect this great democracy.
  • Look for ways to support and care for our veterans and service men.
  • Seek out ways to contribute to our great society and look to the needs of others.
  • Educate younger generations to appreciate and respect our great heritage.

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, Normandy France

Memorial Day

Today our nation celebrates Memorial Day. A day when we remember the brave men and women that gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy in the United States. This day reminds me of my visits to Arlington Memorial Cemetery in Washington D.C. and Normandy Memorial Cemetery in France. Walking in these cemeteries is an amazing reminder of the great cost of the freedom we enjoy. May we never forget their lives and their defense of our freedom.