Mother’s Day 2012

Mother’s day is a great time to remember and honor our moms. Mothers are the unsung heroes of the family. This week I sent my mom a nice card and gift. Even though I could not see her this Mother’s Day, we had a long conversation on the phone. Here are some life lessons I learned from my mom.

  1. Having a relationship with God, through Christ, is the foundation for life. I am thankful for a mom that prays for me.
  2. Nothing replaces a mother’s love. I have never doubted the love my mom has for me.
  3. Family is a high priority of life. My mom held our family together. She always placed a high value on our family.
  4. There is great value to hard work. My mom worked hard at work and at home. She demonstrated a strong work ethic to me and my family.
  5. Marriage is important. Growing up I knew my mom loved my dad and was faithful to him. After my dad passed away my mom continues to talk about how much she misses him. They had a strong love that was a great example for me.
  6. Etiquette is important. My mom taught me to dress appropriately and to have proper manners.
  7. Optimism is important. My mom could always find the best in me and in others. This is a value that I strive to emulate.

Thanks mom, for these great lessons. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!