Small Group Ideas for Summer Time

Small Group Ideas for Summer Time

Small Group Ideas for Summer Time

As Summer vacations start and kids are out of school, small group ministry can be challenging. Look for ways to stay connected to every member and reach out to those you have not seen in a while. Please don’t take the Summer “off” as you minister to your group. This can be a great time of ministry and connection with your class. Consider these ideas for Summer time ministry:

1. Pray for your group, calling each member by name before the Father.

2. Plan a summer fellowship for the group. Include kids and make it a fun time. Fellowship is a very important part of a small group ministry.

3. Spend some time every week talking about your member’s Summer plans. Let them know you will miss them while they are on vacation and you intend to see them when they come back.

4. Develop a weekly plan to contact absentees to check on them. Including other group members in the process is a great way to share your leadership responsibility with other members.

5. Plan a Summer mission project for the group and encourage each member to participate in the ministry opportunity.

Make a goal to contact every members on your list during the Summer. Summer is a great time to reconnect.