Top Ten Ideas about Hospital Visitation

Top Ten Ideas about Hospital Visitation

Top Ten Ideas about Hospital Visitation

During 15 years of full time ministry I have had the opportunity to minister to many church members and friends while they were admitted to the hospital. Below are some ideas about making hospital visits:

10. Don’t miss the opportunity to minister to your friends and family when they are in the hospital. Those in the hospital and their families appreciate your visit.

09.  Always check in at the information desk. Check the room number and get directions to the room.

08.  Once you get to the room, check with a nurse to make sure a visit is o.k.

07.  Use hand sanitizer and check the door for any instructions about those that enter. You may need to wear a mask and gloves. You always wanted to look like a doctor!

06.  If the door is shut. Knock before entering and go in slowly.

05.  When you enter introduce yourself unless everyone already knows you.

04.  Ask questions without going into too much detail. You may find out more than you want to know. Never give medical advice unless you are a doctor.

03.  Keep the visit brief. Let how well you know the person determine how long you stay. If you are visiting a family member you will stay hours. If you are visiting someone you just met you will stay 5 minutes max.

02.  Always have prayer for person you are visiting. Pray for the doctors and nurses that attend to your friend. Shorter heart-felt prayers are better than longer KJV prayers.

01.  Thank Jesus for the opportunity to represent Him to your friend in their time of need.