A Soft Heart Towards God

Mark 4:1-20. In the Parable of the Soils Jesus identifies four different soil types and teaches a lesson on the condition of our hearts and how receptive we are to the Word of God.

The Seed = The Word of God

The Sower = Servant of God who shared the Word with others

The Soil = The human heart

The Hard Heart

  • Resists the Word of God
  • Easy for Satan to snatch away biblical truth before it takes root
  • Must be plowed up before it can receive seed
  • Represents a heart that is completely closed to the Word of God
  • The enemy of the hard heart is Satan

The Shallow Heart

  • Thin Soil with bedrock underneath
  • What ever is planted has no root and will not last
  • Receives the Word with “joy” representing an emotional response
  • The emotional response ends when the pressure of this life crash back in
  • The enemy of the shallow Heart is emotions that don’t lead to a changed life. Being “moved” but not “changed”

The Crowded Heart

  • Seed is sown among the weeds and the weeds choke out the Word’s work
  • “But the worries of this life, deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful.” v19
  • This is a person that hears about the “narrow way” but remains on the “broad way.” Matthew 7: 13-14
  • The enemy of the crowded heart is the things of the world

The Fruitful Heart

  • The True Believer and the person that has a soft heart before God and His Word
  • The only fruit bearing plant demonstrating true conversion and true change
  • Produces a crop well beyond the plants normal capacity
  • God causes the increase EXPLODING into a rich harvest

God, grant us soft hearts that You may do Your work deep down in our hearts.