Faith in the Furnace Daniel 3 Part 2

Daniel – Living a Life of Integrity

Faith in the Furnace – Part 2

Daniel 3:19-30

#1 Living with Integrity will NOT be CELEBRATED by the World.   Daniel 3:19-23


#2 Living with Integrity WILL be NOTICED by the World.   Daniel 3:24-27


#3 Living with Integrity Brings God Glory and UNLEASHES the Power of God in your Life.   Daniel 3:28-30


Takeaways about Faith from the Furnace

  • Trails and testing will come and TEST your integrity.
  • Living with Integrity is the HIGH CALLING of every believer.
  • Jesus is with you in the FIRE.
  • God is honored when we TRUST Him in the fire.
  • God uses the fire to set us free from what BINDS us.
  • God directs our Paths and NUMBERS our days.
  • QUESTION: Can God trust you to live with integrity when you go through the fire?