Book of Daniel 1


The Book of Daniel  Living a Life of Integrity

Daniel 1:1-21


#1 A Historical MOMENT   Daniel 1:1-2


#2 A DIABOLICAL Plan   Daniel 1:3-7


#3 A DISPLAY of Strong Character   Daniel 1:8


#4 God blesses those whose hearts are fully committed Him!   Daniel 1:9


#5 Win-Win Solutions have no LOSERS    Daniel 1:10-16


#6 Living with Integrity is TEN TIMES better than the alternative.

Daniel 1:17-21

#7 Living with Integrity

  • Know Your CONTEXT.
  • Don’t Follow the CROWD.
  • Decide NOW to Follow God.
  • Live your Life by Faith, for the GLORY of God.
  • Think Win-Win when POSSIBLE.
  • Don’t be surprised when others FAIL.