In Ruth, chapters 2-3, there is a great love story recorded about the widowed Ruth and her kinsman-redeemer, Boaz. This is a beautiful account of grace, love, and redemption. This account can be seen as a representation of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Understanding the details of the love story of Ruth and Boaz helps us understand the love relationship we can have with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ruth and her mother-in-law had traveled back to Bethlehem after their husbands died. They were in a tough situation and needed to find a way to survive. Ruth began gleaning in Boaz’s field where she met Boaz face to face. Boaz was kind to Ruth and provided safety and food. Once Naomi hears that Ruth met Boaz, they develop a plan for Ruth to offer herself to Boaz. Ruth must prepare herself as she goes to Boaz. This preparation is also how the believer prepares themselves to be acceptable to a holy God. These are the five things Ruth did before going to Boaz:

  1. Ruth washed herself. Ruth 3:3 – In order to be acceptable to God, we must cleanse ourselves from the sin that displeases God.
  2. Ruth anointed herself. Ruth 3:3 – This is a picture of a bride getting ready for her groom. We are called to be the “fragrance of Christ” by our character and conduct. These are the decision we make as we live for Him.
  3. ┬áRuth changed her clothes. Ruth 3:3 – In the Bible, clothing has a spiritual meaning. Salvation is pictured as putting off the “old self” and putting on Christ.
  4. Ruth learned how to approach her Redeemer – Ruth 3:3-4 – Naomi instructed Ruth about how to offer herself to Boaz. Approaching him in the wrong way would be a deal breaker. Ruth approached Boaz by lying at his feet. We approach Christ by kneeling at His feet and placing our faith in Him and what He did to redeem us.
  5. Ruth acted on what she knew was true. – Ruth 3:5 – Ruth did not only listen to Naomi, she did what she said. In the same way, we must be doers of the Word, not just hearers only.

God wants to cleanse our sin so that we become the fragrance of Christ. We do this by placing our faith in Jesus Christ and putting off our “old self” and putting on the garments of Christ. This allows us to approach God with confidence as we strive to live a life that honors God.